Java EE Course Project: Location based Coupons

In my Java EE course we had to make a combined server and client applications.
I have decided to created a web location based coupons application.
While for the server I have created an MVC based application that allowed me as
an administrator to add, remove and change the coupons. For that i used Servelts,
JSPs and Hibernate technologies, for the client application i developed a small web
based application that allowed the user to display a Google map with only the relevant
coupons to the user’s specified distance from his current location and this was
achieved using HTML 5, jQuery Mobile and Ajax. The information passed from the server
to the client by an XML file. The main goal of this project was to learn the server/client
programming so both the server and the client applications are fairly simple.

Client application screenshots:


you can enter the client application using the next link.

the server application is a very simple one as well and it’s practically consists only
from forms for inserting, removing and editing data in the databases. All coupons in the
application are fabricated and created only for the sake of practice.

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