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Android Project: CUPS

My recent project that I’m currently working on is the CUPS – Unlimited Coffee application.
This application is part of a coffee subscription service that will allow you to buy coffee
in very attractive prices, in Israel and USA. You can take a look at the application
by downloading it from Google Play Store:

CUPS – Unlimited Coffee

Here are some screen shots from the application:

You are welcome to download, take a look at and rate the application : )

Have a great day and stay tuned.

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Java EE Course Project: Location based Coupons

In my Java EE course we had to make a combined server and client applications.
I have decided to created a web location based coupons application.
While for the server I have created an MVC based application that allowed me as
an administrator to add, remove and change the coupons. For that i used Servelts,
JSPs and Hibernate technologies, for the client application i developed a small web
based application that allowed the user to display a Google map with only the relevant
coupons to the user’s specified distance from his current location and this was
achieved using HTML 5, jQuery Mobile and Ajax. The information passed from the server
to the client by an XML file. The main goal of this project was to learn the server/client
programming so both the server and the client applications are fairly simple.

Client application screenshots:


you can enter the client application using the next link.

the server application is a very simple one as well and it’s practically consists only
from forms for inserting, removing and editing data in the databases. All coupons in the
application are fabricated and created only for the sake of practice.

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C++ Course Project: Painter Application

This was one of my first programming projects during my education.
We were required to build a Painter application using C++ while the
main goal was to learn and practice Object Oriented programming.
the application is fairly simple. It allows you to create your painting
and save it into a file, you can also use the Redo and Undo options.
Nevertheless this application served it’s purpose greatly at the time
and i have learned a lot from creating it.

here a screenshot of the application:

and you can donwload the executable from here.

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Java SE Course Project: Client Application for Google Calendar

In this project the main goal was to get to know Google’s API.
Then we had to create windows client application that allows
the user to connect to his Google Calendar account and to perform
actions like: adding, changing and removing appointments from the
calendar. Off-curse the application was created using Java, for
the user interface i used an Eclipse plugin called Jigloo.
The application interface is plain and simple as you can see:

You can download the application from here.

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Android Course Project: YAMBA

During my Android course i created a client application for a Twitter based service.
It’s was created with a great deal of help from Marakana classes. The name
of this application is: YAMBA, that stands for “Yet another micro bloging application”
I have added some more features and upgraded the application even further.
I learned a lot from creating this application and used all the main Android building
blocks as: Services, Threads, Content Providers, Activities, Intents. I have even created
a Widget for this application that will always show the last twitte in the service.

you can download the application here


you can use the application with the default credentials:
User: student
Password: password

Or you can head to and create your own user.

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